1. How it works

Our site works something like a search engine. We are constantly searching for good online courses and adding to our site. Whenever our users tries to download a course from our site our clever course finder program kicks in and finds the most reliable download link of the desired course.

2. Is it free?

Can’t believe on your own eyes? Yes, we are providing 100% free course link. This is because we know how much it values to you and your journey. Most of the course on our sites are free. It’s free for you and it always will be. We also offer premium course on our site. You can give it a look here: https://premium.courseportals.com/. Or you can keep enjoying your freemium life.

3. How to download

Though we tried to keep the way of downloading easy sometimes people may face difficulty downloading torrent files. You can follow this video to know how to download files from our site.

4. Course not found

Believe it or not. We may act as a magician but we ain’t one. Our site doesn’t hold any of the content we share. All the courses are from various sites of google. If you are not finding the course you want on our site then it’s most probably because the course is not available for free on the internet. At this point, all you can do is to have patience and wait for us to upload. You can also request a course on our site in order to prioritize the upload. You can request for your desired course from here: https://courseportals.com/request-course/

5. Premium

We are excited to announce to you that besides free courses we are now providing premium courses. Our premium section, of course, is full of the boon. In our premium subscription, you will be getting all of the expensive and exciting courses around the internet for a monthly fee basis. Which is going to be more affordable because you will be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars just by paying a fraction of money. To know more about our premium program visit: https://premium.courseportals.com